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Best Free Online Word to ODT Conversion Tool

Best Online Word to ODT Format Conversion Tool

The best online Word to ODT format conversion tool is a great way to quickly and easily convert documents from Word format to OpenDocument Text (ODT) files.

This free web-based converter from mirozen is easy to use and accessible from any device, making it ideal for busy professionals. This word to odt converter tool works by simply uploading a Word file, selecting the desired output format (.odt), and clicking 'Convert'. The converted file will then be available for download in just a few moments.

With this tool, users can quickly switch between different document formats without the need to install any additional software. This is perfect for those who need to share documents with others or need to work with different types of documents on different devices.

What is Word to ODT Conversion?

Word to ODT conversion is the process of converting documents from Microsoft Word format into Open Document Text (ODT) format. This conversion allows users to open, edit, and share documents in ODT format rather than the proprietary Microsoft Word format.

How to Convert doc file to odt free online

Here are the steps to convert word files into odt format: 

  • Select the file with the word format that will be converted into an odt file
  • then click the convert button
  • wait until the word file conversion process to odt is complete
  • after the word to odt conversion process is complete, please download the odt file
  • finished 

Another way to convert word files to odt is by using a remote url.

What is Remote URL? 

Remote URL is that we use files that are on the internet or in the cloud that can be accessed via the internet, so we don't need to download the file to be converted, we can directly convert html files into odt by using remote url as the source file.

Here's how to convert word files into odt using the Remote URL feature: 

  • click the link to the right of use remote url
  • then enter the url of the word file you want to convert
  • click the convert button
  • wait until the conversion process is complete
  • after the word to odt file conversion process is complete, please click the download button to download the conversion file.
  • finished

By following the steps to convert word files to odt above, we have successfully converted word files into a new format, namely the odt file format.

Benefits of Converting word files to odt

ODT (OpenDocument Text) is a popular document format used to store and share text documents on the internet. There are many benefits to converting word files to ODT, which include:

1. Increased compatibility:

ODT has become a widely accepted standard, so by converting your word file to ODT, you can be sure that the file will be easily shared and opened with most programs. This ensures that regardless of the operating system or program used, the document will remain intact.

2. Enhanced security:

ODT is designed to protect documents from corruption or malicious activity. ODT encrypts the content so that only authorized parties can view and edit the contents of the file. As a result, you can rest assured that any sensitive information contained in your documents remains safe and unchanged when shared with others.

3. Reduces file size:

When compared to DOC or DOCX files, ODT file sizes tend to be much smaller due to efficient compression methods. This makes it easy for people to download them quickly and share them with others without sacrificing the quality or accuracy of the content.

Overall, converting word files to ODT provides significant advantages in terms of better compatibility, increased security, and reduced file size when sharing documents online.

What is Word File Format?

A Word File Format is a type of data file used to store information in Microsoft Office applications, including Microsoft Word. These files typically contain text and graphics, but can also include other elements such as formatting, styles, macros, and even embedded objects. The most common type of Word File Format is the .doc or .docx (XML-based) format. It can be opened by almost all word processing programs including Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, OpenOffice Writer and Google Docs.

What is the ODT file format?

The ODT file format is an open document text file format created by OpenDocument Format for Office Applications (ODF). It is an XML-based open source document file format used to represent electronic documents such as spreadsheets, presentations, databases, and graphical documents. An adopted standard for documents designed for office applications.

FAQ: Word to ODT Conversion

Is the word to odt Converter tool from mirozen free?

Yes, it's free, you can use the word to odt conversion tool for free and without any feature limitations. 

Is the uploaded word file safe?

Yes, it is safe, because the files you upload are only temporarily stored and after the conversion process is complete all files that have been uploaded on our server will be automatically deleted.


Word to odt conversion is a very valuable tool for anyone who needs to convert documents from one format to another, especially word to odt format.

This converter tool allows users to quickly and easily convert their documents, saving them time and energy. The process is relatively simple, and with a few steps, users can convert their documents in no time.










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