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ICO Converter

Best Online ICO Converter Tool To Convert images into ico format

Convert images into ico format using ico converter online

ICO Converter is a tool that can convert image files such as jpg, png into ico format by using this tool we can convert image formats into icon formats (.ico) very easily and for free.

What is ICO Converter?

ICO Converter is a free online tool that can be used to convert image files to the ICO format. It allows users to quickly and easily convert any image file, such as JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and TIFF, into an iconic image file with just a few clicks. The output files are saved in ICO or CUR format, depending on the user's preference. This makes it easy for anyone to take existing image files and turn them into icons for use on their website or other projects.

How to Convert image into ICO file format with ICO Converter Online Application

Here's how to convert an image into ICO format using ICO Converter:

  • Select the image you want to convert into ICO format
  • then select the icon size you want
  • press the convert button to start the conversion process
  • please download the conversion file
  • finished

Another way to convert images into ICO format is to use Remote URLs

What is Remote URL? 

Remote URL is that we use files that are on the internet that can be accessed via the internet publicly, so we don't need to download the file to be converted, we can directly convert image files into ico files by using remote url as the source of the image file. 

Here's how to convert image files to ICO using the Remote URL feature in ICO Converter: 

  • click the link to the right of use remote url
  • then enter the url of the image file that you will convert
  • click the convert button
  • wait until the conversion process is complete
  • after the conversion process of the image file into an ico file is complete, please click the download button to download the converted file
  • finished

By following the steps to convert image files into ico files above, we have successfully converted image files into ICO format with the help of the ICO Converter Tool.

What is the ico file format?

The ICO file format is an image file format used to store computer icons, such as program icons and folder icons. It was first introduced in Windows 1.0 in 1985. The file format is commonly used by Microsoft Windows Operating System as well as other operating systems such as macOS and Linux.

ICO files contain two or more small images at various sizes and color depths so that they can be scaled appropriately. Image data stored in ICO files may be compressed with lossless compression algorithms such as LZW or PNG.

ICO files are typically saved with an .ico extension but some operating systems may require a different extension such as .icn for Mac OS X.

FAQ: ICO Converter

Can ico converter be used to convert images with jpeg or png format to ico?

Yes, you can convert jpeg or png and other image formats into ico format.

Is the ico converter tool free?

Yes, it's free, you can use the mirozen ico converter tool for free without any fees and without any feature limitations.


ICO Converter is a powerful tool that can be used to convert image files into ICO format. It allows users to quickly and easily convert images into the ICO format without losing quality. This converter supports a variety of image formats, including JPG, PNG, BMP and GIF.




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